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4 AA Eneloop - case - 1900mAh

Additional Information

Brand  Eneloop (Panasonic/Sanyo)
EAN/GTIN  04053271023519
Model:  BK-3MCCE
Battery size  AA
Battery chemistry  NiMH
Battery  Rechargeable
Voltage  1.2V
Min. capacity in mAh 1,900.00

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4 AA BK-3MCCE Eneloop batteries, the 4th generation: 2100 times rechargeable!

Up to 2000 mAh capacity (Minimal 1900 mAh.)

The batteries come with a handy battery case.
Made in Japan

Additional Information


Eneloop is one of the best rechargeable Ni-MH battery currently available. It can now be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times. After charging, up to 90% of the charge remains after 1 year of storage; and up to 70% of the charge remains after 5 years of storage. So, even years later the batteries are still charged. This in contrary to 2700+ mAh Ni-MH batteries, that often loose most of their charge within a couple weeks. Eneloop batteries are therefore a good option for devices that use low amounts of energy over a long period in time, such as remote controls. One of the main features of eneloop is the higher voltage level. Many applications switch off or show the low battery signal if the voltage is lower than 1,1 Volt. A traditional Ni-MH battery will lose its voltage constantly and runs under this critical level very soon. Eneloop batteries however will keep the voltage level over 1,1 Volt for a long time. This makes sure that the flash of a photocamera is ready for the next photo sooner than with most other rechargeable batteries. And much faster than when you use Alkaline (primary) batteries. Another great advantage of eneloop is its good performance at low temperatures. Especially when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius will Eneloop batteries perform better than the competition. You can charge Eneloop batteries with a normal Ni-MH battery charger.


Customer Reviews

Excellent batteries Review by Mad_Max
Excellent quality - as always with original Eneloop
Bought one more pack (4 pc) in May 2019.
Voltage BEFORE first use (precharge) 1.36-1.38 V range
Tested with La Crosse Technology BC700
Charge current = 500 mA
Discharge current = 250 mA

Capacity before first charge (factory precharged): 1250-1350 mAh
Capacity after first full cycle
1 - 1979 mAh
2 - 1991 mAh
3 - 2010 mAh
4 - 2030 mAh (Posted on 22-06-19)
Fast delivery. Excellent service. Review by P.G
I ordered 8 stk AA 1900 mAh Eneloop batteries that were delivered quickly to Norway. The batteries are of excellent quality. Would love to shop here again. Thank you. (Posted on 24-05-19)
Аккумуляторы класс!!! Review by Ildar
Год производства 05.2017
Year of production 05.2017 (Posted on 11-01-18)
Fast, high quality, reliable! Review by Serega 77
Excellent batteries. I took 12 pcs. Manufactured 06.2017. Delivery of 14 days. Capacity of 2000 - 2150 mAh tested BC-700 at a current of 0.5 A. Thank you. (Posted on 06-11-17)
Отличные аккумуляторы! Review by Aleksandr
Доставка 11 дней. Производство Япония. Дата на аккумуляторах - октябрь 2015 года. Напряжение на аккумуляторах было 1,31В. Аккумуляторы супер!!!!!
Delivery 11 days. Manufacture of Japan. Date on batteries - October 2015. The battery voltage was 1,31V. Batteries Super !!!!! (Posted on 16-01-17)
Отлично! Review by Dmitry
Порадовала скорость доставки. Заказал 09.08.16, а на почте забрал уже 22.08.16 (Саратов, Россия). Сделаны в Японии (судя по надписи на аккумуляторах). Начальный заряд около 80% (судя по зарядке Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55 Quickcharger).
We were pleased with the speed of delivery. Ordered 09/08/16, and on 08/22/16 mail took longer (Saratov, Russia). Made in Japan (according to the inscriptions on the battery). The initial charge of about 80% (by charging Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC55 Quickcharger). (Posted on 29-08-16)
Отлично! Review by Dmitry
Порадовала доставка, заказал 9.08.16, забрал на почте 22.08.16. Производство Япония. Предварительно заряженные где-то на 80%. Рекомендую!
We were pleased with service, ordered 09.08.16, 08.22.16 took on the post. Manufacture of Japan. Pre-Charged somewhere in the 80%. I recommend! (Posted on 29-08-16)
Top! Review by Michael
BK-3MCCE now already at the 5th generation of the eneloop.
Perfect battery's, no more other brand for me.
(Posted on 01-06-16)
Good product fast delivery Review by TARIK
Piller Eneloop dan beklendiği gibi gerçekten çok iyi - 4 adette 3 adeti 2300mAh sarj aldı, bir adeti 2050mAh da kaldı. (XTAR VC4 ile) 2 hafta içinde elime ulaştı.

Batteries have very good performance as expected from Eneloop. Bought 4, 3 have been charged over 2300 mAh, last one is for 2050mAh. (with XTAR VC4). Shipment to Turkey takes 2 weeks.
(Posted on 29-05-16)
1 Review by Slava
Доставка до Молдовы 25 дней, простой пакет без трек номера. Внешний вид хороший. Не тестировал.
Delivery to Moldova 25 days, simple package without track number. The appearance of good. Not tested. (Posted on 24-02-16)
Would buy again! Review by Markusz
The delivery was fast. I am not a technical guy but the fellers at my tech department measured them and said they were high quality. They were also surprised by the price. (Posted on 10-12-15)
Good product Review by ALEXEY
All ok. Good product. Fast shipping, good packing. (Posted on 15-10-15)
Странно Review by Denis
Заказывал упаковку белых и упаковку черных. Пришли быстрее, чем обычно с али, недели за две с половиной. Решил протестить в BC500, поставил два белых и два черных. Все показали одинаковую емкость в режиме теста - 2100маЧ !!! Странно, очень странно.
I ordered packing white and black packaging. It came faster than usual with Ali, a week for two and a half. I decided to protest in BC500, put two white and two black. All showed the same capacity in test mode - 2100maCh !!! Strange, very strange. (Posted on 25-07-15)
Качественные Review by Vyacheslav
Заказываю неоднократно. Доставка быстрая. АКБ качественные , использую в фото , в фонариках.
I order repeatedly . Delivery fast . Battery quality , use in the photo in a flashlight.
(Posted on 10-06-15)
Perfect batteries for my purposes Review by Arturs
Ordered these for my multimeter, they work and they seem well made and hold the charge very well) (Posted on 20-05-15)
Mükemmel Review by Ozgur
Piller çok iyi. Satıcı, hızlı ve güvenilir.
Batteries are very good. Seller, fast and reliable. (Posted on 06-05-15)
:) Review by Pavel
Неоднократно заказывал подобные аккумуляторы - всегда всё отлично. Заказывал 23 февраля 2015 года, пришли в Добруш, Гомельской области, Беларусь 28 марта 2015 года. Акумуляторы произведены летом 2014 года. Тестировал 1 комплект из 4 шт.: остаточный заряд 1370-1395 мАч при разрядном 500 мА, после однократной тренировки в режиме Break-In 1924, 1939, 1946, 1947. Действия производил на MAHA MH-C9000 (0M0CA), которую покупал в прошлом году у этого же товарища.
Repeatedly ordered these batteries - everything is always perfect. Ordered February 23, 2015, came to Dobrush, Gomel region, Belarus March 28, 2015. Batteries are produced in summer 2014. Tested 1 set of 4 pcs .: 1370-1395 mAh residual charge at 500 mA discharge, after a single training mode Break-In 1924, 1939, 1946, 1947. The action is carried out on the MAHA MH-C9000 (0M0CA), which bought in the past year, the same friend. (Posted on 12-04-15)
отличтно Review by Roman
Получил через 14 дней после заказа, большую часть времени заняла доставка по России, все 4 заряжены до 1,326 (Fluke 179 True RMS мультиметр) , акб ещё не тестировал, но в качестве уверен. Брал для RC аппаратуры Fly-Sky i6
He received 14 days after the order, most of the time took the delivery to Russia, all 4 charged to 1,326 (Fluke 179 True RMS Multimeter), the battery is not yet tested, but as confident. I took for RC equipment Fly-Sky i6 (Posted on 02-04-15)
Все очень круто Review by Andrei
Спасибо за хорошие батарейки. приехали быстро. все отлично.
Thanks for the good battery. arrived quickly. everything is fine. (Posted on 18-03-15)
Я доволен Review by Oleg
Очень быстро пришли. Отправлены 25.02, на моей почте 07.03 - 10 дней! Но из-за праздников забрал только 11 марта. Все аккумуляторы предзаряженные, напряжение 1,33В, масса - 26 гр. После тестовой проверки емкости - 2050, 2020, 2060, 2060 мАч. Прекрасный результат.
Came very quickly. 25.02 shipped at my post 07.03 - 10 days! But because of the holidays took only 11 of March. All batteries predzaryazhennye voltage 1,33V, weight - 26 grams. After validation testing capacity - 2050, 2020, 2060, 2060 mAh. An excellent result. (Posted on 12-03-15)
Отлично Review by Petr
Отличные предзаряженные аккумуляторы с огромным количеством перезарядок. Продавец приятно удивляет скоростью обработки заказов и доставки посылок.


Very Well
Excellent predzaryazhennye batteries with a huge number of recharges. Seller pleasantly surprised by the speed of order processing and delivery of parcels. (Posted on 27-02-15)
Отлично. Review by Петр
С момента оплаты до получения товара за 8 суток - это самая быстрая посылка которую я когда либо получал из-за границы.
Продавец отправил товар на второй день после оплаты. Зарядные устройства и аккумуляторы хорошо упакованы. Товар качественный.


That'S Perfect.
Since payment before receiving the goods to 8 days - this is the fastest posting I've ever received from abroad.
The seller sent the goods on the second day after the payment. Chargers and batteries are well packed. Product quality. (Posted on 25-02-15)
The best Review by Benia
Этот комплект — вне конкуренции у фотографов.

P.S. Продавец — абсолютный лидер по оригинальности, цене и скорости доставки Энелупов. Широко известен на постсоветском пространстве и пользуется заслуженным признанием.

This set - out of competition at the photographers.

P.S. Seller - the absolute leader in originality, price and speed of delivery Eneloop. Widely known in the former Soviet Union and enjoys well-deserved recognition. (Posted on 26-01-15)
Отличные Review by Andrei
Очень хорошие и качественные аккумуляторы. Продавец доставляет быстро. (Posted on 20-01-15)

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