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8 AAA Eneloop Tones Botanic - 750mAh

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Additional Information

EAN/GTIN:  5410853060840
Model:  BK-4MCCE
Brand:  Eneloop (Panasonic/Sanyo)
Battery size:  AAA
Battery chemistry:  NiMH
Battery:  Rechargeable
Voltage  1.2V
Min. capacity in mAh: 750.00

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8 AAA Ni-MH Panasonic Eneloop Botanic (Limited Edition) in blister

typical capacity: 800 mAh (minimum capacity: 750 mAh)
1.2 V

Additional Information


Eneloop is one of the best rechargeable batteries in the market. The Eneloop batteries can now be loaded and discharged to 2100 times. One year after charging, the battery is still charged to 90%; and after 10 years the battery is still charged to 70%. So, regardless of when the battery is charged, even years later, the batteries are still charged. This is unlike the classic batteries of, for example, 2700 mAh, which usually get empty in a few weeks, especially if they are older. One of the key features of the eneloop battery is the higher voltage compared to other Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. Many devices turn off or give a signal that a battery is empty if the voltage is below 1.1 Volt. A traditional Ni-MH battery will lose its voltage evenly, while an eneloop battery will continue to deliver more than 1.1 volts for longer and longer use. This causes a flash to charge faster when using Eneloop batteries compared to other rechargeable batteries. And much faster than using alkaline (disposable) batteries. Another advantage of eneloop is the performance at low temperatures. Certainly if it's free, Eneloop performs better than the competition. Eneloop batteries can be charged with a normal charger suitable for Ni-MH batteries.


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