Check the date code of your 18650 batteries

We will like to show how to check the date manufacture code of your 18650 batteries of Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Sanyo or Sony.

What is the date code?

This code help us to know when the 18650 battery was manufactured. This code will be different for each brand, Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Sanyo or Sony. In addition, consulting this code will also help us to know if we have bought a fake or original 18650 battery. Also, if a battery is old, you need to be more careful.

Most 18650 batteries can be stored for more than 1 to 2 years without loss of capacity or quality, provided the storage conditions are right.

How to identify SAMSUNG 18650 battery manufacture date code?

For get the date of your Samsung 18650 battery we must check the third row of the code that are in the battery.


How to know production date of SONY 18650 battery cells?

The date code number of Sony 18650 cells is more difficult to find, this should be at the second line. Usually, it is the last 5 numbers + letters.

How to know production date of Sanyo 18650 battery cells?

There are two options to check the Sanyo 18650 batteries date code which are either old version or new version date code. Sometimes is a bit difficult to identify the date code on the battery because the numbers are stamped.

How to know production date of Panasonic 18650 battery cells?

We are only going to check the new version because the old version are 18650 batteries from before 2009. You can check that this date code is near the negative pole as you can see in the image and is usually represented by 4 numbers. In this case we are going to check the date code of a NCR18650B Panasonic 18650 battery.

How to identify LG 18650 battery manufacture date code?

With LG 18650 batteries we can get many information about our 18650 batteries. There are two rows, first one shows us information about its origin of manufacture. The second row is where we are going to know which is the date of your battery.