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Noco GENIUS 2X4 Multicharger 6/12v - 8A

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EAN / GTIN  1210000619433
Weight - g  3800
Brand  Noco Genius
Extra functions  0V activation, Fast charger, Lithium-ion battery charger, Repair function, Testing / discharging
Included  Cables for fixed mounting on the battery terminals, Charger claws
Voltage (charger)  12V, 6V

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A battery charger, battery maintainer, and battery desulfator with temperature compensation with four 'outputs' of 2 amps. Designed for all 6-volt and 12-volt batteries such as lead-acid batteries for cars, machines, ships and deep-cycle batteries, including wet, gel, AGM and maintenance-free batteries and lithium batteries. A fully automatic battery charger for continuous use. Includes four 3-meter extension cables. The clamps are unique in its kind due to the narrow design and the copper coating. Charge batteries from 1 volt. Perfect for charging multiple motorcycles or cars and for keeping the batteries in good condition. The difference with the GENIUS2x2 is in the number of outputs.

12V Lithium 14.2V for lithium batteries
12V COLD/AGM 14.8V for 12V lead acid batteries
6V NORM 7.25V for 6V lead acid batteries
12V NORM 14.5V for 12V lead acid batteries
FORCE MODE possible to manually charge batteries from zero volts
Standby the battery charger is waiting for input from the mode button
Fully automatic battery charger
Suitable for all 6V and 12V batteries. Even for lithium batteries
Very suitable for continuous use
Memory mode ensures that the charger returns to the charger's last selected mode after a power failure
Charge empty batteries from 1-Volt. With Force Mode it is possible to manually charge empty batteries from zero volts
Charging current of 2A per output
Not suitable for 24V batteries

Rated voltage AC: 50–60Hz
Charging voltage: 14.5V, 14.8V AGM, 14.2V Lithium and 7.25V for 6V batteries
Mains voltage: 120-240V
Ambient temperature: -20°C to +40°C
Charger type: Fully automatic battery charger
Types of batteries: All types of 6V and 12V lead-acid batteries (WET, MF, Ca/Ca and GEL), 12V AGM and 12V Lithium/LiFePO4 batteries
Battery capacity: 40Ah per output
Dimensions: 144.8 x 238.8 x 58.4mm (L x W x H)
Insulation class: IP6X
Temperature Compensation: Yes

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Do not try to charge lisoci2 cells (like saft ls14500 or tadiran sl-760) this are not rechargabel cells and will explode if you charge them