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Japcell BC-4001 battery charger

Additional Information

EAN / GTIN  5710927002807
Weight - g  500
Brand  Japcell
Power supply  EU plug (220≈230V)
Battery size (charger)  AA, AAA
Battery chemistry  NiCD, NiMH
Charging slots  4
Extra functions  Screen, Testing / discharging

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€27.95 (€ 23,10 without VAT)



JAPCELL BC-4001 intelligent batttery charger with LCD display for 4 AA / AAA batteries

The charger has a charge, discharge, test / quick test and refresh function.

This charger has a very handy new feature, the quick test mode: to test the battery impedance. This allows you to test the health of your batteries much faster.

This charger is similar to the Opus Instrument BM200

Additional Information


JAPCELL BC-4001 batttery charger with LCD display for 4 AA / AAA batteries Universal battery charger for all type of Ni-MH and Nicad batteries from 200 mAh up to 3000 mAh (milliampere-hours). The charger has a Charge, Discharge, Test/Quicktest and Refresh function. The LCD Display shows voltage, current charge, mAh and time individually Selectable charge between 200 and 1400 mA Temperature and reverse polarity detection and protection Overload and damaged battery detection and protection Content of the box - AC/DC adapter - Charging unit - Manual


Customer Reviews

Лучшее зарядное устройство в данном ценовом диапозоне Review by Edward
Пользуюсь этой зарядкой уже 5 лет. Полностью доволен! Раньше была Technoline BC1000 - говнище!!! Испортила мне несколько новых аккумов! Продал Technoline BC1000, купил Japcell BC-4001 и ни разу не пожалел! Сейчас думаю купить ещё 1 экземпляр Japcell BC-4001. Боюсь, что хорошую вещь, как обычно, снимут с производства!
I have been using this charge for 5 years. Totally satisfied! It used to be Technoline BC1000 - shit !!! Spoiled me with some new batteries! I sold Technoline BC1000, bought a Japcell BC-4001 and never regretted it! Now I am thinking of buying another 1 instance of the Japcell BC-4001. I’m afraid that a good thing, as usual, will be discontinued! (Posted on 05-10-19)
vERY GOOD but Eneloops end up undercharged Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) Eneloops end up undercharged

Japcell BC-4001 cut off at 1.47 V !! For eneloop it should be 1.54 V ...

Only the Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC65 PRO battery charger cut off at 1.54 V

bien à vous
YVES SOUSSI (Posted on 08-06-18)
Discharge mode defect Review by Damien
Good charger overall (Rev 2.2)

Problem with the Discharge mode :

The "Discharge mode", according to the user manual, is to be followed immediatly by a charging time, without user intervention.

In fact, the battery is discharged and then the the charger stops.
User intervention is necessary to switch to charge mode.

As i prefer completely unload my cells before charging them, it's a little bit painful to use...

Is there a possibility to correct this by upgrading the micro program ? (Posted on 13-03-18)
Slot 1 is defective Review by Damien
Bought specially this one because i was interested in the "Quick Test Mode", giving the internal battery resistance.

Received it a few days ago, but Slot 1 (left) doesn't work in Charge mode.
Other slots seems to work great.

Waiting for an exchange in guarantee.

Only 1 star, not because this is a bad product, but unfortunately because specialy this one is defective

NKON: We're going to replace your charger. (Posted on 22-01-18)
Отлично за свою цену Review by Alexander
Ехало долго, около 4 недель. Приехало отлично запакованное, без повреждений. Все рабочее. Есть пара нареканий по самому устройству, но это к производителю. Например в инструкции указано для функции разряд с последующим зарядом, а он не заряжает, только разряжает и останавливается. Причем не высвечивает окончен процесс или нет. И второе, при режиме восстановления, после разряда экран слитой/залитой емкости зависает и при заряде не меняет значений и не показывает процесс заряда. Другие экраны работают штатно. Вот пожалуй и все. К магазину претензий нет.
It was a long time, about 4 weeks. Arrived perfectly packed, without damage. Everything is working. There are a couple of complaints about the device itself, but this is for the manufacturer. For example, the instruction specifies for a function a discharge with a subsequent charge, but it does not charge, only discharges and stops. And it does not highlight whether the process is over or not. And second, in the recovery mode, after discharge, the screen of the merged / filled capacitance hangs and does not change the values ​​when charging and does not show the charging process. Other screens work properly. That's probably all. To the store no complaints. (Posted on 15-11-17)
I am very, very pleased. Review by Joseph
You can charge AA and AAA batteries with this. You can charge at a rate of 400, 600, 800 or 1,000 milliamps per hour if you are charging 4 batteries. If you are charging only 2 batteries you can additionally charge at the higher rates of 1,200 or 1,400 mA per hour, but for this you have to use the 2 outer slots (I'd recommend for AAs only). An excellent charger that stays cool. (Posted on 08-11-16)
excellent charger Review by Nikolay
excellent charger. all capabilities are real and device is working properly (Posted on 10-06-16)
Excellent Review by Дмитрий
Charges. Very good. I advise. (Posted on 22-05-16)
5 Review by RAMAN
Отличное зарядное!!!
Excellent battery !!! (Posted on 06-05-16)
Ужасно Review by Виталий (x.y.z.b@mail.ru)
Купил зарядное устройство Japcell BC-4001 у этого, в целом неплохого продавца. Радость была недолгой((( Аккумуляторы eneloop AA в эту зарядку вбивать чуть ли не молотком пришлось. Аккумуляторы явно большего размера, чем посадочное место в зарядном устройстве. В итоге: через 6 месяцев корпус весь покрылся трещинами, аккумуляторы попросту раздавили корпус . Теперь они влазят легко только вот корпус скотчем пришлось обмотать.

I bought a charger Japcell BC- 4001 have , in general a good seller. The joy was short-lived ( ( ( batteries eneloop AA in the charge to drive almost the hammer had . Batteries clearly larger than the seat in the charger. The result: after 6 months, body covered with cracks , batteries are simply crushed body. Now they intermeddle but that's easy to have to wrap the body with tape . (Posted on 20-01-16)
Very good charger for NiCd and NiMeH Review by Sergei
Excellent charger.I tested at 800 mA Channel 4 - a little warm. Discharges, charges, repairs and checks the internal resistance (a very useful feature when choosing batteries for high current). Absolutely quiet. Easy management. Large gradation of charging currents from 100 mA to 1A. (Posted on 01-07-15)
Better than charger Review by YVES SOUSSI
I own 2 pcs since 1 years. Better charger than the others : it does not overcharge your battery thanks to a lower cut off voltage....The quick test mode is real "MUST HAVE" (Posted on 13-01-15)

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Do not try to charge lisoci2 cells (like saft ls14500 or tadiran sl-760) this are not rechargabel cells and will explode if you charge them