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Opus BT-C3100 (version 2.2) Intelligent battery charger

Additional Information

EAN / GTIN  8438493102284
Weight - g  550
Brand  Opus
Power supply  EU plug (220≈230V)
Battery size (charger)  AA, AAA, 18650, 21700 / 20700 (unprotected), 18650, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18490 & 18500, 26650, 10440, C
Battery chemistry  Li-ion, NiCD, NiMH
Charging slots  4
Extra functions  Fast charger, Screen, Testing / discharging
26650 charging channels  2x 26650

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€44.95 (€ 37,15 without VAT)



Opus BT-C3100

The Opus BT-C3100 Intelligent Li-ion/NiCd/NiMH battery charger/analyzer is one of the first battery charger/analyzers that can (quick-)test/refresh/charge/discharge li-ion batteries and do that for NiCd/NiMH batteries too.

Truly a multi-functional intelligent batttery charger.

Charge: 200mA, 300mA, 500mA, 700mA and 1000mA
Discharge: 500mA

The 4 charging slots are completely independent.

This charger can handle AA, AAA, 10440, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18500, 18650, 26500 and 26650 batteries.


Firmware version v2.2

Additional Information


Opus BT-C3100 Intelligent Li-ion/NiCd/NiMH battery charger The charger integrates the minus delta voltage (-ΔV) for NiCd or NiMh battery charging termination, and for Li-ion batteries charging to 4.2V with pre-selected constant current. The charger also includes overheat detection to protect rechargeable batteries and charger itself from overheating. Power Adapter:Output: 12V DC,3.0A; Input: 100~240V~, 50/60Hz


Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by hazfiend
Great for analysing cells so you can spot fakes and check your old ones are still carrying a charge. Even takes 26650 cells, which fit awkwardly but it does work. I have used mine to charge single series packs, which is possible by using a bit of wood. This is quite a good way to test all the cells are in the pack because 3450 x 5 = 17,250 mah. You can also measure the amount of charge going in, and compare that with the amount of charge coming out in a discharge test, which gives you the efficiency of the cell (how much energy you lost by storing it). Recommended. 4 stars because the display is mono LCD rather than all modern, touchscreen and smart, but such a thing doesn't exist yet. (Posted on 18-04-22)
No.1 charger ever! Review by Tomo
Have one Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 for about 7 years (since 2014.) and it still works perfect on everyday usage with charging 2-3 Li-ion 18650!!! Had problem with noisy fan, but after replacement in first year of usage, it works 6 years after that almost soundless! Bought new just to have spare when old one once dies :) (Posted on 19-01-22)
good Review by Marcin
This charger have two minus :
- charger is noisy
- no automatic discharge and charge function (Posted on 20-12-20)
Le must des chargeur 18650 Review by angélique
Bonjour , je l'ai acheter en 2016 (pas ici) , fonctionne toujours .
Pour moi c'est le meilleur chargeur d'accus .
Oui , on ne peux pas dormir à coter , charger toujours vos batteries sous la surveillance de quelqu'un , un accident est toujours possible (feu , explosion d'un accus) , je charge le soir quand je suis là , et l'éteint si je sort et remet mes accus en charge à mon retour .
Hello, I bought it in 2016 (not here), still works.
For me it is the best battery charger.
Yes, we cannot sleep nearby, always charge your batteries under someone's supervision, an accident is always possible (fire, explosion of a battery), I charge in the evening when I am there, and turn it off if I go out and put my batteries back on my return. (Posted on 16-11-20)
this is the safer and the best charger Review by Jean-Claude
This is the safest charger available due to the fact that the temperature is constantly controlled under each battery slot and also on the PCB. So even if the fan goes down, the charger will stop if overheated.
The Fan is not noisy at all, as written in other comments, and can run at different speed. On top, the fan only runs when higher current is selected on 4 batteries. For instance, charging 4 AA batteries at 300 ma will not heat enough to start the fan
It is the only one showing the real current on top of the selected current, which is the best way to control overcharging. It also stop exactly at maximum 4V2, which is not the case with some other charger i have tested.
(Posted on 05-05-19)
Works nice but when it breaks kills all batteries Review by Adrian
I had this charger for about 1,5 years. one slot suddenly didn't read voltages correctly which lead to batteries overcharging and them exploding while out of the charger. It is a tricky fault because there are no signs of fault and it killed me 9 accus until I found out what happened. I checked on a vaping group with several Opus users and ALL broke in the same way after 1,5-2 years and left them with 1-2 accus. Another problem is if you charge 2 accus with 2 amps or 4 with 1 amp the power source gets so hot - almost at melting point so it is not possible to charge at 4 amps total on all slots. (Posted on 19-04-19)
Noisy Review by Narcis
All looks good and dandy, but I cannot have it in my room. It's noisier than my pc. :(

Unacceptable for me. I charge 3 batt. daily, I also have an old efest luc, dead silent, and does its job. I was shopping for vaping batteries and I said I'd throw this in as well as an upgrade... Not the smartest move. At least not for me. It may be way safer and smarter than my actual one, but wont take its place anytime soon.

It might be great for others, but for me it proved to be an overkill and too noisy for my daily needs (under my office). (Posted on 14-11-18)
opus Review by joel
the best ever!
(Posted on 24-03-18)
Great response from Arjan Review by Ravi
We ordered four of these from Nkon (Arjan). The products were delivered next day in NL as promised by Arjan. Very happy with our experience with nkon (Arjan) thus far. (Posted on 08-11-17)
Best charger for the money, but Loud fan (v2.2) and a few quirks Review by schmadde
I got this charger for a bit over two years now (the v2.2 Version with the speed controlled fan). Bought it to supplement my BC-1000 since I need to charge 6-Packs of C-Cells sometimes and 18650 LiIon Batteries.

There are a few things I do not like about it:

- the fan ist still quite noisy, forget about (dis)charging while asleep
- The charger can accept C-Cells (size "Baby"), but only two of them
- you cannot control charge and discharge current at the same time. It can only discharge NiMH with 700mA max, which is too low for my taste.

According to a review it always charges with high current, but PWM - so stress on batteries is higher than with other charging methods. I did not see any negative effects in practice with my eneloops, so it may not matter.

But I have to say, it is the best charger for the money.

- charges NiCd, NiMH and LiIon
- can measure internal resistance, so you can quickly see if a battery is "dead"
- can measure capacity, and do so at different currents (mandatory feature in my opinion)
- can "refresh" cycle, which is useful for NiMH Batteries
- accepts cells larger than AA and 18650
- Power supply is 12V, so easy to find replacement, should it die one day

It is a good universal charger/analyzer, the only real problem is that it is too loud. Also, I would have wished for the charger to accept four C-Cells, not only two.

I struggled between giving 3 and 4 stars because of the noise - but at this price it really deserves a 4 star rating (Posted on 02-10-17)
Matériel de qualité - Quality materials Review by alinou
Chargeur incontournable pour toute personne qui veux prendre soin de ses batteries
Tout est réglable sur cet appareil et surtout une qualité de chargement hors pair. Je recommande nkon j'ai commandé depuis la France et aucun problème, le colis est arrivé en quatre jours. Je suis entièrement satisfait.
Essential charger for anyone who wants to take care of its batteries
Everything is adjustable on this device and especially an unparalleled quality of loading. I recommend nkon I ordered from France and no problem, the package arrived in four days. I am completely satisfied. (Posted on 13-07-17)
OPUS è un po 'più costoso, ma di gran lunga migliore rispetto ai suoi concorrenti. - OPUS is a bit more expensive but far better than its competitors. Review by maldok
molto funzionale consigliatissimo
Very functional highly recommended (Posted on 16-06-17)
Fast shipping Review by Martin
Product was shipped February 22 and was delivered this morning February 24. That's incredibly fast. (Posted on 24-02-17)
Opus bt-c3100 version 2.2 Review by Vladimir
Отличное зарядное устройство, опыт пользования более года.
Excellent charger, use more than a year of experience. (Posted on 18-11-16)
Отличный продавец- отличные товары Review by Vladimir
Спасибо продавцу за отличную работу. Отправил в течении положенных трех дней. Посылка дошла за полторы недели в Иркутскую область. Отличное зарядное устройство. Имеется весь необходимый функционал. Испытываю около месяца. Заряжаю каждый день. Все работает. Читайте инструкцию по пользованию там все описано.
Thank seller for the excellent work. Submitted laid during the three days. Sending reached a half weeks in the Irkutsk region. Excellent charger. There are all the necessary functionality. I feel about a month. I charge every day. Everything is working. Read the instructions for use for everything is described. (Posted on 12-09-16)
Good one Review by Vladimir
Large display with backlight.
Really v2.2 with SILENT and intelligent cooler.
All OK.
Delivery to Russia (Moscow oblast) - 10 days.
Доставка в Россию (Московская область) - 10 дней. (Posted on 25-08-15)
gumstick NiMh - Panasonic HHF-AZ01 rechargeable Ni-MH Review by Yves Soussi
1) Panasonic HHF-AZ01 rechargeable Ni-MH

It is the best charger if you want to charge your gumstick NiMh (Posted on 17-06-15)
all types of batteries are charged properly. Review by YVES SOUSSI
1) all types of batteries are charged properly.

Charging voltage is regulated to 4.7V instead of 5.0V

Charging voltage is regulated to 4.7V instead of 5.0V, thus loading on power adapter when batteries are flat is less. 5.0V charging voltage has problem in regulating the correct current level due to this over loading current on power adapter, which lead to Panasonic brand Li-ion batteries showed wrong charging capacity value ( + 25 percent ). With 4.7V charging voltage, the load on power adapter is greatly reduced and thus can make all types of batteries are charged properly. (Posted on 15-06-15)
An Intelligent battery charger which is very Intelligent Review by YVES SOUSSI
1) An Intelligent battery charger which is very Intelligent !

2) Hobby charger : you have to fabricate holders and charging circuits to monitor each cell you're charging. But with this Opus BT-C3100, you can do it directly

3) Charges all chemistry
(Posted on 14-06-15)
OPUS 3100 Review by ludo
Fonction de charge avec amperage reglable independement sur chaqaue slot, fonction decharge, fonction test, fonction refresh , compatible avec tout les types de batteries, plus des protections et la fonction delta V, marche mille fois mieux que mon ancien nitecore D4, l'OPUS est un poil plus cher mais largement meilleur que ces concurrents.
Charge function with adjustable amperage independantly on chaqaue slot, discharge function, function test, refresh function, compatible with all types of batteries, more protections and Delta V function, walking a thousand times better than my old Nitecore D4, OPUS is a tad more expensive but much better than these competitors .
(Posted on 13-06-15)
overwhelming charger Review by YVES SOUSSI
1) Charge Li-ION @ 2 Amp And discharge @ 1 Amp
2) Analyze the exact capacity of your Li-ion
3) Made with a new technology ! Chip On Board : the integrated circuit is a raw chip connected directly to the PCB. No more DIP package, expensive soldering, etc
4) New refresh mode can show you batteries capacity, letting you know real magnitude
It is a classic (Posted on 13-06-15)
2.000 mA Review by Yves Soussi
You can charge 2.000 mA each battery with this charger ... (Posted on 12-06-15)

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Do not try to charge lisoci2 cells (like saft ls14500 or tadiran sl-760) this are not rechargabel cells and will explode if you charge them