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Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC65 PRO battery charger

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EAN / GTIN  5410853060017
Brand  Eneloop (Panasonic)
Power supply  EU plug (220≈230V)
Battery type (charger)  NiMH / NiCd
Battery size (charger)  AA, AAA
Charging slots  4

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- Shows battery status on LCD screen
- Shows capacity, voltage, time and Wh
- Has refresh function
- Has USB port to charge mobile devices

The BQ-CC65 charger is suitable for charging 4 AA and / or AAA rechargeable batteries.
Charges the batteries in 1.5 to 3 hours.

The BQ-CC65 charger is supplied without batteries.
Length: 147 mm
Width: 88 mm
Height: 40 mm

Additional Information




Customer Reviews

Great charger! Had it shipped all the way to the USA Review by ryan-feeley
Love the refresh feature. It's really hard to fully discharge NiMH batteries (as they should be to get full lifetime) when you use them in flashlights and bike lights and don't want to be left in the lurch. (Posted on 02-02-20)
Panasonic BQ-CC65 – хорошая зарядка Review by Юк
Подробный тест (с фотографиями), который мы проводили в течении месяца на данную З/У по ссылке. Заходи и читай.

Detailed test (with photos), which we conducted during the month for this salary by reference. Come and read.

  http://www.absurdov.com/blog/panasonic-bq-cc65--umnaya-zaryadka-dlya-reanimacii-akkumulyatorov/ (Posted on 04-12-18)
1.54V MAX. charging VOLTAGE ! Other chargers undercharge @ 1.47V Eneloop !! Review by Yves SOUSSI

1) 1.54V MAX. charging VOLTAGE ! Other chargers undercharge @ 1.47V Eneloop !!

You can check and see the voltage on the LCD display : 1.47V, then 1.48, 1.49, etc until it reach 1.54V - Then it decrease to 1.47V - The charge is almost finished until it drops to 1.1V , one second for final TEST. Then 1.47V .

This is more than a charger, analyser, it is a a gourou for charging Eneloop to the top

Bien à vous

(Posted on 13-06-18)
I am so happy : I charge and refresh my battery non stop day and night !! Review by Yves Soussi
1) Hi Young people !!!

You don't how lucky you are ! For 25 years , I have purchased chargers which did not charge, spoil my battery, loosy charger, I lost my money, my time, my travel . And today, at least , the miracle came : the Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC65 PRO

I insert my battery and 2 hours later , it is full ! It is like a dream , so simple and I cannot stop ! I charge and refresh my battery non stop day and night !! It is reality in 2018 !! Today world is fascinating ..

So believe me this a wise investment : purchase the XTAR VP4 DRAGon and the Panasonic Eneloop BQ-CC65 PRO, you cannot make a better use of your euros!

best regards

(Posted on 26-03-18)
a computer calculate the power in WATT for each battery Review by YVES SOUSSI
1)This is the most interesting feature of the charger : calculate the power in WATT for each battery. You have to press he refresh button , it charges (400 mA ) and the discharge your batteries (4 at the same time, no separate slot like competitors) . One cycle is almost 10 hours . Then after elapsed time , hours, capacity and power are displayed with DISPLAY button. It use special algorithme for Eneloop in order to enhance the life, capacity of the batteries
2) This is the most interesting toy I have had, and I am glad to be lucky to purchase one. Thanks Nkon !
(Posted on 13-02-18)
The Alchimist !! Review by Yves Soussi
1) This Eneloop charger realize the perfect macth between switching electronics and battery chemistry. Thanks to custom CPU, Transistors, capacitors from the semiconductor giant Matsuhita (another name for PANASONIC )
2) The "Display" button : it shows you voltage, level of charge and time..No need to adjust the charging current like the other charger.s The Panasonic 's computer take car of everything, temperature, pulse, voltage & current sensing during the charge , etc - It is revolutionnary !!
3) Please note : REFRESH is for all the 4 slot at the same time

I strongly recommand this product if you use ENELOOP, because it is matched with the battery. For other brands , I don't know
Best Regard
YVes SOUSSI - journalist (Posted on 11-02-18)
Insert and forget -- Review of BQ-CC65 charger PRO (second part) Review by Yves Soussi
1) Insert and forget

The using form is translated in 32 langages !! Turkey, lituanian, sloavakai,greece etc . This is
globalization ::. It prove it is a best seller product all over the planet earth.

2) I immediately liked this product: you plug it, you insert your battery, 30 second after you get an error message if your battery is kaputt, end of life !! very good ! I like that because there is no need to charge a kaputt battery !

Even if you are young kid in a small village in Kazakstan (the using form is translated in Kazak langage) ,, you can start charging.

3) Insert and forget

This charger has only 2 buttons ( the third button is to use as a bank unit) one for display, one for refresh

So very simple, efficiency. This charger is a must. I use it no stop 24h00 a day
best regards
YVES SOUSSI (Posted on 09-02-18)
Why another new charger in 2018 ? I own so many charger (+10) - First part Review by YVES SOUSSI
1) Why another new charger in 2018 ? I own so many charger (+10) - First part

I own many charger. Why should I invest my precious euros and purchase another charger from Pananasonic ???

First impression : it is compact - Most of the old chargers are with two pieces : one power supply, one the charger itself . It is a problem, sometimes you forget the power supply, you lost it in your luggage, And big drawback :you have many wires everywhere, plugs can be broken, it is bulky, weak and outdated - This charger is one box only, thanks to new electronics parts, Ics and transistors, FET with faster switching frequency, low heat inductors ,higher capacity low leakage capacitors which means more efficiency, less curent. It is the 2020 erea, not the antique technology of the 2010. (Posted on 09-02-18)

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