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Samsung INR18650-35E 3450mAh - 8A - Reclaimed

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EAN / GTIN  7417940526386
Brand  Samsung
Model  INR18650-35E
Size  18650
Battery chemistry  Li-ion
Battery  Rechargeable
Voltage  3.6V
Min. capacity - mAh 3,450.00
Battery version  Reclaimed, Flat top
Discharge current - A 8.00
Circuit protection  Unprotected
Height - mm 65.00
Diameter in mm 18.30

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(€2.44 without VAT)



Capacity: 3450mAh
Nominal Voltage 3.6V - 3.7V
Charging cycle end voltage 4.20V ± 0.05V
max. Discharge current: 8A
Do not discharge deeper than 2.5V
Plus pool: Flat Top
Chemistry: INR - LiNiCoMnO2
Protection circuit: Without
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Height: 65.3 mm
Weight: 50g

These batteries come from battery packs in which welding errors have been found. The batteries have never been charged or discharged.

The cells we offer have:
- Minimal damage to cell
- Never charged during production (from the box) (each cell is tested)
- Resistance is according to datasheet, never worse (every cell is tested)

Additional Information




Customer Reviews

Samsung 35e Review by Valerii
Good batteries (Posted on 14-10-22)
Long live the Neato XV Review by Volodymyr
Got 8 of them for my vacuum cleaner robot to replace 5 year old pack. They came all with 3.556V or 3.557V in 25 days to Austria. 2.85 EUR a piece. Didn't need to rewrap. Charge/Discharged with ~3350 mAh capacity @ 1A discharge rate.
The robot is alive again, did 45 minute complete cleaning with at least 50% of juice left. No wonder, my old pack had 4.4Ah, this one is 6.7Ah... I'm very happy. (Posted on 30-09-22)
18650 Samsung 35E - PARFAIT Review by Schotsmans
20 x 18650 Samsung 35E commander.
1 défectueuse ( remboursé )
TOUTES ont été tester 2 x et ont leur bonne capacité.
Je recommande
Livraison ultra rapide, 2 jours
Service client IMPECABLE
20 x 18650 Samsung 35E order.
1 defective (refunded)
ALL have been tested 2 x and have their good capacity.
I recommend
Super fast delivery, 2 days
IMPECCABLE customer service (Posted on 29-09-22)
Excellent cells Review by mike_o
I used 6 of these in 3s2p config for a Z-84 fixed wind autonomous plane and got an endurance of 3:17 and a distance covered of 141,5km. The cells even had a little capacity left. Recommended, just keep the current drain down :) (Posted on 17-08-22)
Perfect Review by Niels
I bought 4 for Laptop. All came at 3.54 V
After welding in series and charging, all where still balanced so capacities are equal.
No damage to wrap. (Posted on 04-08-22)
Excellent value for money. Review by bindi
Bought 84 pieces for 14s6p e-bike battery, only around 10 cells required re-wrapping. I was prepared to wrap all of them for this kind of value :)

Welded without problems.

Would definitely buy again. (Posted on 22-10-21)
OK Review by Pottier Gaetan
Good batteries, no pb to weld and no damage of insulation. Bought 300 pieces. (Posted on 12-07-21)
Good cells Review by Christophe
I made a 64 V battery with 216 cells. At the reception, the voltage of all cells was the same : 3.53 V. After first charging, all groups (12 cell)s were balanced well by the BMS (Daly BMS). Capacity of the pack (42 Ah) seems to be compliant with the specifications of the cells. The pack is for an electric scooter (Orcal Ecooter E2).
(Posted on 12-06-21)
Good Review by Álvaro
Very good battery (Posted on 12-05-21)
Higher price? Review by Bery123
I bought 120 pieces in january, maybe for 2.25. For this price, they are good cells.
Damage to insulation.
7 cells self discharging very slowly but...
For new prcice 3.30 isnt worth the risk. I will never buy these cells again for this price. (Posted on 11-03-21)
Mr Review by Rost
I Bought 25 pcs.
Very fast delivery and best package ever.
For the product all cells without any damage.
As described, some of them have sounded like knock-knock if you shake it. But it is not a problem it is stick inside the core which has just mechanical function.
For the internal resistance 20.8 +- 0.5 mOhm
Voltage 3.549 +- 0.005.
Recommend it (Posted on 05-01-21)
50% failure (2 ordered, one doa) Review by rol
only needed one, ordered two in case of on is dead on arrival --> as it was (Posted on 05-01-21)
Unexpexted damaged insulation Review by MB
The poles have the expected remainings from the spot welding. The heatshrink wrap was damaged in about 23% of the cells (139 out of 600pcs).
The 600pcs I received come from 9 different batches (batch number written on the cell).
Two stars rating because so many cells had damaged insulation, contrary to the description in the product page which was clearly stating "No physical damage to isolation of the outer cells". After my remarks they removed that description from the page... (Posted on 23-12-20)
Im not satisfied with purchase! Review by Ivo
I bought ca 750 pcs.
Insulation damage 90%.
Capacity 99% correct.
Factory scrap 80%.
(Loose pipe inside element, while shaking can hear sound)
Same noise: www.youtube.com/watch?v=7fPreFZ7LMs&ab_channel=OliverWitte

In ground-based batterypack i hope i can use these.
Welding marks partial cleaned ( very poor cleaning, it is more damaged while cleaning).
Im not satisfied with purchase. Wont recommend.

Comment NKON:
What you call a loose pipe is the center pin, you can also hear it with new cells with about 10% of the cells.
It is a security feature, it takes care the cell can vent even if the electrolyte is swollen.
If you use the cell a couple of time the electrolyte will swell and the pin will get fixed in position. (Posted on 17-09-20)

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