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Sanyo NCR20700B 4250mAh - 15A

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EAN/GTIN:  8438493101928
Brand:  Panasonic
Battery size:  20700
Battery chemistry:  Li-ion
Battery:  Rechargeable
Voltage  3.6V
Min. capacity in mAh: 4,250.00
Battery version:  Flat top
Discharge current: 15.00
Lithium - Protection circuit:  Unprotected

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The New Sanyo NCR20700B

3.7V lithium battery

Typical 4250mAh
minimum 4050mAh
15A max continuous discharge

Additional Information


Sanyo NCR20700B


Customer Reviews

Very good Review by fhasl@gmx.de
Built 14s5p without BMS for E-Mountainbike with 1.7kW peak power. No relevant drifting of cells (max. delta < 15mV). Re-balancing never needed in 2 years. (Posted on 03-06-20)
Very good battery Review by Olivier
Using 60 of them in a "drone-boat" to get 12V 80 ah battery system.
Working perfectly well for this kind of application ! (Posted on 21-11-18)
Super cell ! Review by Wim
Best cell I've seen so far... little bit larger than the 18650's but much more capacity. Thank you Sanyo and of course ... NKON ! Simply the best ! (Posted on 18-04-18)
mega range Review by Jozef
30 pcs of NCR20700B cells in my ebike is enough for 59,6 km (measured total power 419Wh) ,my old battery (1year, about 25 cycles) made from 30 pcs 18650 cells can support me to 35,2km (269Wh) (Posted on 10-04-18)
Good cell can be connected in series Review by Zender
Measure capacity on this battery and it hits exactly 4000 mAh with 500 mA discharge current. If I go with 250 mA dishcarge it should hit more mAh, but I don't test it with lower than 500 mA. Overall it must be a good cell, also it can be connected in series since it have bulge on the + side. (Posted on 26-12-17)
A great battery cell Review by Cristian Miuta
Sanyo NCR20700B 4.25Ah 15A is the most cost effective battery cell they’ve created the Japanese company. It costs the same like to produce also NCR18650s but offers 30% more power with only like a 5% size increase! Dimensions: 20,35 x 70,3 mm. (Posted on 30-06-17)
Works fine for me. Review by Matjaž
Got two of these. Mesured capacity of both batteries is 4100mAh +-20. Both bellow typical (4250) but above minimum (4050) (Posted on 12-05-17)

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