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Red Sony / Murata US18650VTC6 3000mAh - 30A

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Good battery ! Review by Sébastien
I bought one of them a year ago now and I still use it every day for vaping, (on a mechanical unregulated mod and/or on a electronic power regulated mod -dotMod squonk 100W-), it's never failed me...
I discharge it (about up to ~3,5V and ~10 to15A pulsed), and recharge it (from 500mA to 1A) every day or every other days since a year when I bought it and as I said, it's never failed me and still working fine !
So it's a good VTC6 red wrapped (nicely wrapped although), quality branded battery and very good value for money.
I will buy some others unhesitatingly ! (Posted on 15-02-20)
Fake batterys? Review by Sander91
Mooch : Nkon...reliable vendor.


Looking at the images on that page they show standard EU regulatory compliance labeling. I think this is a Nkon rewrap created for retail sale. Sony/Murata does not sell VTC loose cells to end users..

Reading this, i hink these are fake rewrapped batts.

It sounds a little weird that you think they're fake because they're rewrapped (by us) to red and it's clearly written in the description... First test it and then tell us if it's fake or not (Posted on 08-02-20)
Long lasting Review by Vaper
After about 10 hours use I have not even used 25% of the battery power. On my other (dying) AW IMR's and the suspicious eBay ones I was getting about get about 12 hours use. I'd estimate these to last about 4 days so, about 4 times longer than that. These are the real deal! (Posted on 29-11-19)

3 Item(s)

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