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Sanyo NCR18650GA 3450mAh - 10A - CN

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EAN / GTIN  7417940529851
Weight - g  48
Brand  Sanyo
Model  NCR18650GA
Size  18650
Battery chemistry  Li-ion
Voltage  3.6V
Min. capacity - mAh 3,350.00
Typ. capacity - mAh 3,450.00
Battery version  Flat top
Discharge current - A 10.00
Circuit protection  Unprotected
Height - mm 65.10
Diameter - mm 18.30

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Capacity: 3350mAh
Rated Voltage 3.6V - 3.7V
Charging cycle termination voltage 4.20V ± 0.05V
max discharge current: 10A
Do not discharge deeper than 2.5V
Plus pool: Flat top
Chemistry: Li-ion
Protection circuit: Without
Diameter: 18.3mm
Height: 65.1mm
Weight: 47.4g

Additional Information


Datasheet Made in China


Customer Reviews

Excellent product Review by Bogdan
Excellent product. Excellent vendor. (Posted on 20-11-19)
Perfect Review by Anastasios
Perfect transaction, perfect online shop, perfect cells. I bought 52 pcs and all were below 4mOhms of IR.Recommended it . (Posted on 18-11-19)
Fine ! Review by Vadim
10 pieces battery ( 5 pieces Rank "C" and 5 pieces Rank "B")
3250 mAh, 44 degrees Celsius max, on discharge 5A cutoff 2.75V. Internal Resistance 28 mOhm ( iCarger X6). (Posted on 15-05-19)
Para bateria de bici Review by O Sana
Compro 50 para montar bateria de bici,parece son buenas pilas y el envio muy rapido y bien
I buy 50 to mount bike battery, it seems they are good batteries and I send them very fast and well (Posted on 16-03-19)
Internal resistance 0.28 ohms with the Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon Battery Charger Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) Internal resistance

Internal resistance 0.28 ohms with the Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon Battery Charger !!

To compare Internal resistance of LG INR18650-MJ1 3500mAh - 10A is = 0.28 ohms with the Xtar VP4 Plus Dragon Battery Charger

So both batteries are the same

Bien à vous
(Posted on 18-05-18)
Goood Review by Hell
Very good battery (Posted on 16-05-18)
Full charge capacity = 3541 mA with OPUS BT-CT3100 Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) Full charge capacity = 3541 mA measured with OPUS BT-CT3100

best regards
YVES SOUSSI (Posted on 13-04-18)
bouw ebike accu Review by E.H
Top cells for my homebuild e-bike batteries. The very low Ri & quality of the cell is the main reason why I buy these cells. My 36V batteries which are made of 60 cells are getting 20Ah@10A load. (Posted on 17-08-17)
Очень хорошо Review by asdf
Замечательные аккумуляторы по емкости и токоотдаче, слегка выступающий плюсовой контакт. Оригинальные, японского производства. Очень доволен.
Remarkable batteries in capacity and current output, slightly protruding plus contact. Original, Japanese made. Very satisfied. (Posted on 11-05-17)
Genuine and strong! Review by Cristian Miuta
NCR18650GA is a very strong cell, and NKON are the best batteries vendor, from Europe!
My battery packs are very strongest assembled with this kind of li-ion cell.
CMIUTA Electric Company aka CMEC. (Posted on 18-04-17)
Отлично! Review by Maksim
Excellent batteries replaced on the laptop! The claimed capacity correspond to the replacement before driving them on a charge of 3450mA approximately! The first premise was lost somewhere, did not reach it. Thanks to New Year's holidays, it was written off with the support service, so they sent it again without any unnecessary questions, it came in three weeks! Excellent store I will order more! Accumulators oreginal is not fake!
Отличные аккумуляторы заменил на ноутбуке! Заявленной емкости соответствуют перед заменой погонял их на зарядке 3450ма примерно! Первая посылка гдето потерялась не дошла видемо из за новогодних праздников списался со службой поддержки так они без лишних вопросов отправили повторно, дошла за три недели! Отличный магазин буду заказывать еще! Аккумуляторы орегинал не подделка! (Posted on 26-02-17)
Not 3500 mAh Review by Aleksandar
I do a capacity test on this cells with my charger and I get first time 3258 mAh and second time I get 3282 mAh, with same battery...
To be sure that is not problem with that cell only, I put another one and get almost the same results...

So I think that this is rewrapp with some Panasonic cell or whatever is about it is not close to 3500 mAh. (Posted on 07-02-17)
Sanyo ncr 18650ga Review by Vladimir
Очень хорошие аккумуляторы
Very good battery (Posted on 18-11-16)
Great for high current pulsed load Review by PhilipBH.com
Currently extracting 63 Wh of a pack of 3. 3s2p, with a pulsed load 20A - 10A. Run times ca 24minutes

Amazing batteries (Posted on 10-06-16)
Good as a little thin for welding Review by Simon
Good cellscells. I personally prefer the LG 18650 mj1 cells for welding though mate the negative on these is a little thin and can burn through easily. (Posted on 29-04-16)
Replacing batteries of a Philips FC6148/01 cordless vac Review by Rudolf Wilschut
Replaced the Li-Ion batteries of a Philips FC6148/01 MiniVac cordless vacuum cleaner. After almost four years of everyday use the built in Li-Ion batteries were becoming less powerful and from the original 9 minutes are barely 5 minutes left after a full charge. The old battery pack in the vacuum cleaner was made up of three Sony SE-US18650VT 1300 mAh cells placed in series.

Since I want to significantly increase the time to use the vacuum cleaner I chose for the Sanyo NCR18650GA cells with a substantially higher capacity of 3500 mAh. The vacuum cleaner is rated at 100 watts of maximum power and draws less than 10 amps so I would be safe within the limits of the 10A maximum contiuous discharge of the Sanyo cells.

After receiving the new cells I've measured them first in my Opus BT-C3100 charger and they were neatly around 3400 mAh. So far so good!

I've had ordered the Sanyo cells with the optional tags so I didn't have to solder directly on the poles with the chance of destroying the cells due to heat. The cleaning time now is increased from 9 minutes originally when bought new to more than 20 minutes now with the Sanyo NCR18650GA cells! (Posted on 27-02-16)
Seems to be better than LG MJ1 Review by Mr Nerijus Bosas
Tested two LG MJ1's against two of these Sanyo's, which both should be 3500mah capacity according to specs. Used Opus BT-C3100 v2.2 charger. Multiple times i charged them to 4.2V and then discharged to 2.8v. For the 1A discharge both cells showed almost exactly 3.5AH with no noticeable difference between two. What i did notice is that my opus charger shows MJ1 batteries to have 20miliohm higher internal resistance than Sanyo's. Using 1khz 4 wire professional battery IR tester, Sanyo's have internal resistance of 28miliohm and MJ1s around 50miliohms. For whatever reason MJ1 internal resistance fluctuates much more than Sanyo's which kinda implies their might have different chemistry.I don't like that. Based on my test i highly recommend Sanyo's instead of MJ1's and get yourself proper Li-ion charger. My recommendations are either XTAR SP1, if you want to charge just 1 cell and OPUS BT-C3100 v2.2 if wanting to charge 4 or less cells at same time. The later one also shows battery internal resistance and can calculate battery's capacity while discharging with up to 1A and charging up to 2A. Just notice it has internal cooling fan so can be annoying in very quiet enviroment...Hope my review helps you guys.... (Posted on 23-06-15)

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Take care

  • Li-ion batteries can be dangerous when used wrong, short circuit or wrong usage can lead to fire or an explosion
  • Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected
  • Never short cut the battery. Take care you don’t short cut it accidentally, do not put it in your pocked together with bunch of keys
  • Do not disassemble or deform the battery. Dispose it if the battery is deformed
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration
  • Do not expose to, dispose of the battery in fire
  • Keep out of the reach of children
  • Never use a modified or damaged charger
  • Do not leave battery in charger over 12 hours
  • Store the battery in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area
  • Dispose of in accordance with local regulations
  • Do not solder on these cells