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Sony / Murata US18650VTC5A 2600mAh - 35A - Refurbished

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Brand  Sony
EAN/GTIN  8438493099706
Battery size  18650
Battery chemistry  Li-ion
Battery  Rechargeable
Voltage  3.6 / 3.7V
Min. capacity in mAh 2,600.00
Battery version  Flat top
Discharge current 35.00
Lithium - Protection circuit  Unprotected
Height in mm 65.00
Diameter in mm 18.40

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These cells comes from rejected battery packs (due to problems with spot welding or batteries)

The cells we offer have:
-no physical damage to cell
-no physical damage to outer cell isolation
-never was charged during production (as as from the box) (each cell is tested)
-resistance is according to datasheet, never worse (each cell is tested)

Battery Capacity (Mfg Rated): 2600 mAh
Battery Chemistry: Li-Ion
Battery function: Rechargeable
Battery Form Factor: 18650
Battery Rated Voltage: 3.6 V
Note: Sony
Diameter: 18.4 mm
Height: 65 mm
Width: 18.4 mm

Without protection circuit! Not for flashlights! Do not buy if you do not know what you are doing!

Additional Information




Customer Reviews

Refurbished is saving money! Review by Roman
Батарейки отличные и соответствуют заявленным параметрам. Эти восстановленные отличаются от новых только наличием точек от предыдущей сварки, что делает невозможным их повторную сварку без зачистки этих точек, что довольно трудоёмко. Я использую только пайку, так как считаю её качественнее и надёжней сварки, поэтому точки от предыдущей сварки мне не помеха. Перед пайкой зачищаю и залуживаю контакты (кислотный флюс использовать нельзя!). Важно не перегреть батарейки, поэтому время для залуживания и пайки не должно превышать 1.5 - 2 сек. Для чего нужно использовать паяльник достаточной мощности, с регулируемой температурой. Масса паяльного жала и его контактная площадь должны быть достаточно большие, чтобы запасти и отдать при пайке тепло быстро. Если не удаётся запаять быстрее 2 сек, значит параметры выбраны неверно и можно навредить батарейке. Если пайка меньше 2 сек, то батарейка не нагреется до причинения её вреда.
The batteries are excellent and meet the declared parameters. These reconditioned ones differ from the new ones only in the presence of points from the previous welding, which makes it impossible to re-weld them without cleaning these points, which is rather time-consuming. I use only soldering, because I think it is better and more reliable than welding, so the points from the previous welding are not a hindrance to me. Before soldering, I clean and tin the contacts (acid flux can not be used!). It is important not to overheat the batteries, so the time for tinning and soldering should not exceed 1.5 - 2 seconds. Why you need to use a soldering iron of sufficient power, with adjustable temperature. The mass of the soldering iron tip and its contact area should be large enough to stock and give heat quickly when soldering. If it fails to solder faster than 2 seconds, then the parameters are chosen incorrectly and you can damage the battery. If soldering is less than 2 seconds, then the battery will not heat up before causing harm. (Posted on 06-01-20)
Hard to spotweld Review by Patrik
They have a rubber/glue on the top which leaves a small space on top and not for a normal 2 pin spotwelder but for a special kind of 3 pin spotwelder. Not really worth the trouble to clean every cell. (Posted on 05-01-20)
Bad description Review by stanleycip
Unfortunately I write this as Nkon don't mention in the description that the remained spot welds, 3 each side, are high enough to be unable to spot weld again over . Ordered 150 and need to put extra work to grind those off. They reply was non sense regarding the unexpected work (Posted on 30-11-19)
Good Refurbished Review by atmosphere
Done some testing so far : weight: 0ne out of the 100 pieces had totally different weight 44 grams instead of 47,5 grams.
My battery charger gives between 10 and 25 milliohms for the 20 pieces I tested.
But that varies anyway between the slots of my charger.
The 35 Amps ? hard to tell , all I know is that they sustain the turbo mode of my astrolux MF02 when they are just 20% charged , until the flashlight steps down because of heat in the light itself (batteries still cool).
This is about as good as can be expected from refurbished cells. (Posted on 23-08-19)
Отлично !!! Review by Алексей
Заказал 30 штук Sony/Murata US18650VTC5A 2600mAh 35A восстановленные.
Напряжение у всех 3.45 В, внутреннее сопротивление в пределах 10.07 ÷ 10.30 mОм. Замер производился YR1035.
На полюсах аккумов следы точечной сварки, как в описании.
Качество, цена - всё отлично. Спасибо.
Ordered 30 pieces of Sony / Murata US18650VTC5A 2600mAh 35A recovered.
The voltage of all is 3.45 V, internal resistance is within 10.07 ÷ 10.30 mΩ. Measurement was performed YR1035.
At the poles of the batteries there are traces of spot welding, as in the description.
Quality, price - everything is fine. Thank. (Posted on 20-06-19)

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