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Chinese guardian lion / Fu dog - Marble - 220cm

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EAN / GTIN  7417940530123
Weight - g  2260000
Brand  NKON
Length - mm 2,200.00
Width - mm 1,000.00
Thickness - mm 1,400.00
Product accessoiry  Flashlight accessoir
Suitable for  D

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€4,995.95 (€ 4.128,88 without VAT)



Statues of the temple lions traditionally stood in front of Chinese imperial palaces, tombs, government offices, temples, and the homes of higher-ranking officials and the wealthy. The belief is that they have a powerful, mythical and protective effect

* Sculpted by hand in Thailand from 1 complete block of marble
* Height of 2.2m
* Local stock from the Netherlands
* Chinese architectural marble ornament
* Possibility to visit in Nuenen, the Netherlands
* Very suitable for Asian restaurants, saunas & other catering establishments

Additional Information




Customer Reviews

The Majestic Marble Lion That Took Over My Living Room Review by Tim
I recently stumbled upon this incredible Chinese guardian lion and let me tell you, it has completely transformed my living room! I never thought I needed a 220cm tall marble Fu dog, but now I can't imagine my life without it.

First of all, getting this lion through my front door was a heroic endeavor. I had to recruit a team of bodybuilders, engineers, and motivational speakers to help me navigate its majestic presence into my humble abode. We even had to sacrifice a couch and a lamp to make room, but it was totally worth it.

Once the lion was in place, my entire home instantly gained an air of magnificence. Guests are now greeted by a regal beast as soon as they step foot in my living room. It certainly keeps the nosy neighbors at bay, and I'm fairly certain it scares away any potential solicitors or package thieves.

But the lion's powers go beyond mere decoration. It possesses an extraordinary ability to ensure that my drone battery is always charged to a mind-blowing 110%! I don't know how it does it, but every time I check on my drone, the battery has magically surpassed its maximum capacity. Forget about 100% charge; this lion goes above and beyond!

Not only that, but the lion has taken on the role of my personal digital assistant. It reminds me, in the most regal and commanding manner, to always empty my memory card of my LIDAR drone. With its authoritative presence, I dare not forget this crucial task. It's like having a strict but benevolent mentor who guards over my aerial adventures.

The only downside is that my lion seems to have developed an obsession with LIDAR data. It constantly asks me for updates on my drone's mapping progress, as if it's secretly plotting to take over the world using its newfound knowledge. I have to distract it with shiny objects or promises of exotic travels to keep it from hijacking my drone for its own mysterious purposes.

All in all, if you're looking to add a touch of grandeur, an unconventional conversation partner, an unexpected drone battery boost, and a relentless reminder to manage your LIDAR data, this magnificent marble Fu dog is the perfect addition to your home! (Posted on 06-06-23)
Protects my batteries Review by John
Since installing this in my shop none of my batteries are overcharging and they also maintain their charge longer when in storage, All thanks to the chinese Fu dog's protective powers (Posted on 15-04-23)

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