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Why Eneloop?

Eneloop batteries: Panasonic Eneloop batteries are worlds best low self discharge batteries. Normal NiMh batteries, like the Panasonic 2700 mAh but also other 2700 loose about 30% of there charge in 2 weeks, which mean that only 1900 mAh is left.
A Eneloop (2050 mah) looses 8% in two weeks, and thus also contains about 1950 mAh. After half a year a normal 2700 mAh is nearly drained, while a Eneloop is still for 88% charged. When normal 2700 batteries become older, this self discharge is even higher!

Eneloop batteries are very well suited for devices which have a high drain, like flashes and strobes. Eneloop batteries have a very low internal resistance, which means they can keep a high voltage. See the graph at http://www.quietpc.com/eneloop. Eneloop batteries last 4 times longer in strobes and cameras than Alkaline batteries.

A couple of reviews to proof that Panasonic Eneloop batteries and Panasonic 2700 mAh are the best batteries available, or you can check (fotographic)forums to see which battery is most frequently adviced.



Panasonic now also has the new Sanyo PRO batteries. These have a low self discharge and low internal resistance like the Eneloop, but 500 more mAh. Drawbacks are the high price and the fact that Panasonic says the PRO can be recharged up to 500 times, while the Eneloop can be recharged for up to 2100 times acording to Panasonic.

Why Powerex?

Maha Powerex makes very good battery chargers like the MH-C9000. Search on the net for reviews about there chargers. We also have the Memorex Pro1 Geniux. This is the same charger as the MH-C9000.


About Imedion Batteries

Imedion batteries are good low self discharge batteries, but due to a higher internal resistance they don't perform as good as Panasonic in high drain devices like Camera's and Flashes. But for medium and low drain devices like a computer mouse or a remote control they are very good. You can have a look at the reviews above.


Maha Powerex C9000 vs La Crosse/Technoline BC-1000

A common question is, which charger is better. In our opinion they are both good, but the Powerex is the best.
The differences, the Powerex is:
-Big. The BC-C9000 is a big charger, with a big display.
-More precise. The mAh readings on the La Crosse fluctuates more. Furthermore, the Powerex usually give to low mAh readings, while the La Crosse gives to high readings.
-Faster, the Powerex can charge with up to 2000 ma for four batteries if you want, the La Crosse only 2 batteries at 1800 or 4 at 900 ma.
An advantage of the La Crosse is that it comes with a lot of extra goods: convertors, bags, and 8 batteries.


Eneloop vs Eneloop PRO

The Eneloop PRO with 2550 mAh have a bigger capacitiy than the standard 2050mAh. But the PRO are more expensive, they wear faster than Eneloop (2100x times rechargable for the Eneloop, 500x for the PRO) and the self discharge is slightly worse.