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XTAR VP4 battery charger

Additional Information

EAN / GTIN  6952918320357
Weight - g  480
Brand  Xtar
Power supply  EU plug (220≈230V)
Battery type (charger)  Li-ion
Battery size (charger)  18650, 21700 (unprotected), 20700 (unprotected), 18650, 14500, 16340, 18350, 18490 & 18500, 26650, 10440
Charging slots  4
Extra functions  0V activation
26650 charging channels  2x 26650
Included  12V car adapter

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This set includes:

- XTAR VP4 Charger
- EU AC Adaptor
- Car Adaptor
- Package

The charger is compatible with 10440/16340/14500/14650/17670/18350/18490/18500/18650/18700 and/or two 22650/25500/26650 lithium batteries


Additional Information


Features: - Compatible with IMR lithium battery - Each channel is independent - Three-stage charge algorithm(TC-CC-CV) - Three charge current options (0.25 A, 0.5 A, and 1.0 A) - Can only load 1 and 4 with 1A on lock - Total 2A on lock (so if 4 is in it is 4x0.5) - Soft-start function, to avoid damage from large charge current while charging. - Automatically cut off when the battery is charged fully - Precision cut-off voltage at 4.2V - Compatible with small capacity battery - Over heat protection - LCD displays each battery real time statues - Use high power intelligent step-down DC - DC circuit, greatly reduce the energy loss; - Built-in reverse-polarity and short-circuit protection circuit - Use fireproof material for the shell - 0V activation function can wake up the over-discharged/sleeping batteries - 120°angle high definition VA screen to display the charging current ,voltage and power indicator, you can see the charging status from any angle of view. - Certified by CE, RoHS


Customer Reviews

Good Li-Ion Charger! Review by Georg
I got this after having an intellicharger i2 for years. I wanted a reliable, but easy to use charger that can charge *at least* two 18650 at 1000mAh at the same time.

Review on lygte-info DOT dk looked good, and ultimately I choose this one as it works with my existing power adapter, and doesn't have "confusing" options. (I wanted one my wife can use where you just put bats in and don't need to do worry about anything).

The charger everything we need, and the display and the LEDs are helpful to see how far your bats are already into charging and when they're ready.

Compared to intellicharger i2 (which only charges 1x18650 at 1A at a time, this one is now 2x as fast. You put a bat each in the right-most and/or left-most slot, leave middle 2 slots free, and it automatically switched to 1A current.

In practice this means that our vaping bats are now almost always "done" when we check on them, while with the i2 with 2 bats you spend most of the time waiting until they're done. Fast!

(PS: According to reviews it's really difficult to find a charger that would charge 4x at 1A at one time. Even most 4 slot chargers can only do 2x at once, at least the "cheaper" ones).

The spring mechanism where you put the bats in is also less wobbly/flaky than the i2. Bats fit nicely and there is less risk it "snaps" back. Very good overall build quality.

Cons: * No fancy options like bat test, display of mAh etc.
* Only for Li-Ion bats

This is a good, although no-frills charger!

I gave 4 stars only because I wished it had more options, but it absolutely does what it's made for. And well. (Posted on 22-11-20)
The Best Charger Ever!!! Review by DennyMK
I have XTAR VP2 charger for more than 2 years now and I'm extremely pleased.
XTAR VP4 is even better because of the 4 batteries charging at once.
I also have the XTAR VC4 charger, but VP4 is THE BEST I ever had. (Posted on 04-06-16)
Good but big volume Review by Cristi
This charger is huge, the same thing can be done in half the volume. At least if they put the ac adapter inside, i wouldn't complain about the size.
The build quality is great though and the screen lights nicely, but the data it displays is not so relevant. It displays a battery indicating relatively how much charge it has, and the voltage. This one i don't get, the voltage of a battery is always the same, or decreases slightly when used, but the current changes and this is a relevant data that i would like to know, the health of my battery basically. (Posted on 01-06-16)

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Do not try to charge lisoci2 cells (like saft ls14500 or tadiran sl-760) this are not rechargabel cells and will explode if you charge them