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Acebeam H40 Headlight Neutral White (4000K) - SST-20 CRI95+

Additional Information

EAN/GTIN:  6970526500640
Brand:  Acebeam
ANSI Lumen 600.00
Flashlight needs  14500 battery, AA battery
LED type  SST-20 CRI95+
LED colour  High CRI
Flashlight type  Headlamps
Beam distance:  102 m

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Acebeam H40 Headlight Neutral White (4000K)

The H40 headlight is a compact headlight with a lot of power thanks to the SST-20 CRI95+.

What makes this headlamp special?

The H40 has an infinite dimming power ranging from 10 lumens to 150 lumens by an AA battery,
So you have the ideal Brightness in every situation and also an SOS mode for emergency situations.

The body of the headlight is made of Aerospace grade and hard anodized aluminum, making it resistant to drops of up to 2 meters high and a watertightness of IP68.

With this version of the Acebeam H40 which is equipped with a luminus SST-20 CRI 95+ LED, with this LED you create a warm and soft beam that resembles the nature of sunlight, making the eyes less stressed and ideal for photography.

Additional Information


SST-20 CRI 95+ LED Powered by 1x14500 Li-ion (700 mAh) / 14500 Ni-MH (2500 mAh) / AA Alkaline battery (not included) A) 1x14500 Li-ion (700 mAh) battery: Moonlight: 1 lumens; 29 hours; 2m; 7cd High∞Low: 150∞10 lumens; 65 minutes ∞ 10 hours; 64m ∞ 18m; 1039cd ∞ 88cd Turbo: 600 ~ 220 lumens; 1 min + 40 min; 128m; 4104cd SOS: ~ .12 hours B) 1x14500 Ni-MH (2500 mAh) battery: Moonlight: 1 lumens; 50 hours; 2m; 7cd High∞Low: 150∞10 lumens; 85 minutes ∞ 20 hours; 64m ∞ 18m; 1039cd ∞ 88cd Turbo: 180 lumens; 80 minutes; 70m; 1223cd SOS: ~, 6pm C) 1xAA Alkaline battery: Moonlight: 1 lumens; 60 hours; 2m; 7cd High∞Low: 150∞10 lumens; 68 minutes ∞ 22 hours; 64m ∞ 18m; 1039cd ∞ 88cd Turbo: 180 ~ 100 lumens; 2 min + 70 min; 70m; 1223cd SOS: ~ .7 hours - Max. Output up to 600 lumens - Max. Duration 60 hours - Maximum beam distance 128 meters - Peak beam intensity 4104cd - Impact resistance: 2 meters - Waterproof: IP68 - Size: 64.7x26.9x23.4mm - Weight: 34g without battery - Single button switch for controlling infinitely brightness - Constructed from Aero grade Aluminum Alloy - Robust HAIII military grade hard-anodized - Confirmtable Elastic Headband with sweat channeling and reflective - Over-heat protection to avoid high-temperature of the surface - Toughened ultra-clear glass lens with anti-reflective coating, which achieves a 98.3% light transmittance


Customer Reviews

Recommended Review by Panagiotis
I love this headlight.
The quality is top notch.
The ui is very easy and ergonomic.
I use it for fixing computers & electronic stuff and i recommend it.

(Posted on 30-10-19)
great "cheap" Headlight Review by TN
Ordered as a lightweight Headlight for fixing computer hardware, electronic devices, soldering, etc.
(Wanted high CRI and the possibility to use Alkaline AA cells).
The H40 does a great job in my use case. Nice hotspot, nice tint, sufficient brightness, lightweight, works with AA, NIMH, 14500.
Unfortunately protected 14500 DO NOT fit (Keeppower 840mAh).

Only downside: Switch feels a litte cheap, we will see how long it will last.
Would probably buy it again anyway :-)
(Posted on 05-05-19)

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