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Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 Magnet USB

Additional Information

Brand  Armytek
EAN/GTIN  6957713001203
ANSI Lumen 1,900.00
Flashlight needs  16340 battery, 18650 battery, CR123A battery
LED type  XHP50
LED colour  Cool
Flashlight type  Headlamps

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Armytek Wizard Pro v3 / Silver XHP50 LED White

Maximum output: 2300 LED lumen

Powered by one 18650 Li-Ion

A free Armytek 3200mAh li-ion 18650 battery is included
Water resistance standard: Armytek claims ipx8, in our experience this is not true. So do not go swimming with it. It should survive when it is raining.

- 11 output levels: 3x firefly modes, 3 main modes, 2 turbo modes, 3 strobe modes
- Battery over-discharge protection circuit for unprotected batteries
- constant brightness also in Turbo mode, regardless of frost and low battery voltage
- programmable modes
- firefly micromode with ultra-long runtime
- built in high-temperature indication
- strong and easy to remove lanyard

We have tested it and it seems that all previous bugs have been solved by Armytek.

It is obvious that the Wizard Pro will get very hot when it is producing 2300 LED lumen. So it switches down to 1250 LED lumen after a little bit. It will still remain quite hot in this lower mode.

When starting on 1250 LED lumen the Wizard will stay there for about an hour and then switch down to 500 LED lumen. At that time it will be quite hot. In the 500 LED lumen mode it will cool down nicely. So the heat protection is for preserving the LED lifetime and not so much for protecting your fingers.

Armytek highly recommends NOT to use CR123A batteries as a power source for often and continuous flashlight’s operation. 
Remember that old or low-quality disposal batteries can be damaged under heavy load and explode. The Wizard Pro needs a battery that can deliver at least 7A.

Manual is included in the box

All Wizard Pro XHP50 Magnet USB now have the new plastic holder.

Additional Information


Take these values with a pinch of salt. Armytek does sometimes exaggerate a bit. Still the performance of this Wizard is stunning and it seems to be more reliable than previous models. Key Features Insanely Powerful Cree XHP50 LED 2300 LED lumen Free Armytek 3200mAh li-ion 18650 battery is included Beam distance 108 meters Extremely bright headlamp powered by one 18650 Li-Ion battery Compact size and small weight Multi-color LED indication Programmable settings to fit your needs Ergonomic design for comfortable use Side switch for easy operation TIR 70°:120° Manual can be found here: https://www.nkon.nl/sk/k/Wizard_Pro_v3_EN_Magnet_USB.pdf


Customer Reviews

рекомендую! Review by Тимон
прекрасный, великолепный фонарь!
в использовании около полугода, за это время падал, тонул, работал подолгу не выключаясь.
даёт широкий ближний свет. а его сумасшедшей мощности хватает, чтобы посветить и вдаль метров на 100
удобнейшая зарядка, удобнейший налобный держатель, позволяющий быстро вытащить и вставить фонарь обратно, множество режимов работы, магнит в хвосте... словом, это один из самых лучших моих фонарей
когда начнется зомби-апокалипсис, я хочу чтобы он оказался со мной :-D
Beautiful, gorgeous lantern!
In use for about six months, during this time, fell, drowned, worked for a long time without turning off.
Gives a wide passing light. And his crazy power is enough to shine and away for 100 meters
Convenient charging, comfortable headband, allowing you to quickly pull and insert the flashlight back, many modes of operation, a magnet in the tail ... in short, this is one of the best of my lanterns
When the zombie apocalypse starts, I want it to be with me :-D (Posted on 15-08-17)
wizard critic Review by Vojko
I just bought Wizard pro xhp 50, but I`m not so hapy with it...it is very bright, but it is flickering all the time (the light is not stedy), and this is qiute annoying...I have tried to use diferent 18650, but it is still present in all modes...
NKON MK: Please send us an email, we'll lookup your problem. We can probably fix this within your guarantee. (Posted on 11-08-17)
A good professional flashlight Review by Vladislav
I bought this flashlight for work. The flashlight is great for professional use. Cool! (Posted on 25-03-17)
отличный фонарь Review by konstantin
A wonderful lantern, classroom equipment, and the price of a fairy tale in general
замечательный фонарь,классная комплектация,а цена вообще сказка (Posted on 07-03-17)
just the best light what i can think about in such a small device Review by n.amann
this Wizard pro is really deserving the "pro" in the naming!
One of the most impressive details is the Optics, using the micro-Lenses Array, what is creating a very homogeneous bright illuminated area. No hard shadow line from bright to dark as many others have. The kind of user interface is very smart, has some tricky features (nor every bodies like), but the most important is easy to use. Just one On/Off click to come back to last mode used. To use the back-cover not only as a magnet but also as a main Switch and charging connector is just genius.
OK, what i will say, i like this Armytek Wizard Pro 3 for several reasons. (and i have payed 105.- Euro :-( but even thou i am happy :-) .. just wondering about the new type of silicone/plastic holder what was announced in Dec. 2016 (Posted on 05-03-17)
amazing ! Review by EM-skutt
We often go fishing by boat at nighttime. I needed a new headlamp to help me see while navigating on small lakes where there is no other boats at night. This headlamp is more than enough and thats is extremelly impressive. (Posted on 06-09-16)

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