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Zebralight SC5w Mk II Neutral White Flashlight

Additional Information

EAN / GTIN  8438493104622
Brand  Zebralight
ANSI Lumen 500.00
Flashlight needs  AA battery
LED type  XP-L2
LED colour  Neutral/Warm
Flashlight type  Daily use
Beam distance  .

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Zebralight SC5w Mk II AA Flashlight Neutral White

New highly powerful Zebralight lamp, uses one AA battery

(As with all our lamps, do not use alkaline batteries for optimum results)

Additional Information


Main Features and Specifications

  • Cree XP-L2 EasyWhite LED
    • Nominal CCT 4500K
    • Typical CRI: 83-85
    • Tint deviation: 3-Step MacAdam ellipse
  • User Selectable Levels: 3 main levels (High, Medium and Low). Each main level can be programmed to one of its two sub-levels. The second sub-level of the each main levels can be further programmed to different brightness levels.
  • Light Output (runtimes)
    • High:         H1 550 Lm (3min, then 407lm, total 0.5 hr)   or    H2  407 Lm (0.9 hr) / 274 Lm (1.5 hrs) / 166 Lm (2.8 hrs)
    • Medium:    M1 92 Lm (4.9 hrs)    or    M2   46Lm (9.6 hrs) / 21 Lm (21 hrs) / 8.6 Lm (48 hrs)
    • Low:         L1   3.2 Lm (4.2 days)   or    L2   1.1 Lm (14 days) / 0.33 Lm (50 days) / 0.09 Lm (4.3 months)
    • Beacon Strobe Mode: 0.2Hz Beacon at Low / 0.2Hz Beacon at H1 / 4Hz Strobe at H1 / 19Hz Strobe at H1 
    • Light output are ANSI out the front (OTF) values. Runtimes tested (and parasitic drain estimated) using Panasonic Eneloop Pro AA batteries. Remaining battery power, about 10-20%, after step-down are not counted towards the runtimes.
  • Operating Voltage Range: 0.7V - 2.0V
  • Battery: One AA size NiMH, lithium or alkaline battery. Panasonic Eneloop or Eneloop Pro is highly recommended. Batteries are not included in the box.
  • Parasitic Drain: 2.4 uA (much less than the self discharging of a battery)
  • Beam Type
    • 80 degree spill
    • 10 degree hot spot
  • Dimensions
    • Head Diameter: 1.0 inch (25.4 mm)
    • Length:    3.2 inch (80.3 mm)
  • Weight
    • 1.8 oz (49 gram) 
  • Features
    • Battery capacity indicator (LED flashes 1-4 times, 4 short clicks to start)
    • All levels are current regulated
    • Automatic stepping down from High to Medium, and from Medium to Low when battery capacity is low
    • Durable electronic soft-touch switch
    • Smart user interface provides fast and easy access to all brightness levels and beacon-strobes.
    • Precision machined unibody casing from premium grade  aluminum bar stocks
    • Proprietary heat sinking design bonds the LED board directly to the unibody aluminum casing
    • Durable natural hard anodized finish (Type III Class I)
    • Sealed and potted LED driver circuitry
    • Battery reverse polarity protection
    • Tempered optical grade glass
    • Preinstalled bezel down pocket clip
    • Orange peel reflector
    • Battery power can be disconnected by slightly unscrewing the tailcap to prevent unwanted activations or parasitic drain
    • Waterproof to IPX7 (2 meters, 30 minutes

Accessories in the box

  • Two o-rings


Customer Reviews

Best EDC Light Review by Flashaholic
Best EDC Light, very bright, compact, standard battery size. Doesn't matter where I am or what I am doing this light is always by my side. I am loving it! By the way nkon is the best shop to buy Zebralight flashlights. Thank you! (Posted on 26-03-18)
Multiple UI Groups Review by YVES SOUSSI

1) Multiple UI Groups

This is the first Zebralight with Multiple UI Groups...Very useful..Now you can choose between 12 levels of brightness for each clicl

2) Battery check
Very impressive ! But works with Eneloop only

3) I use this flashlight 24h00 a day since I received it and I am in love with it !
thank you Nkon
Best regards
YVES SOUSSI - technical journalist (Posted on 27-02-18)
A survival kit for your adventures Review by YVES SOUSSI
1) A survival kit for your adventures
If you're ordering this light from this site, take charger Panasonic Eneloop charger BQ-CC65 charger PRO (Jan 2018 !) - I will make a review soon, but it is amazing...Otherwise, I agree with reviews from other customer : the SC5 II is a bargain
2) Thank you Nkon, it is a pleasure to work with you
Fast shipment
Delivery - Delivery times with post.nl + swiss post - Shipment tuesday @ 5.00 p.m - Parcel delivered in center city of Paris today - 3 days from Nkon to Paris

Tue 06.02.2018 17:08 Mailed Asendia Netherlands
Wed 07.02.2018 09:22 Arrival at origin border point Asendia Netherlands
Wed 07.02.2018 09:24 The consignment has left the origin border point Asendia Netherlands
Wed 07.02.2018 21:27 Arrived in transit country Asendia SCL Germany
Wed 07.02.2018 21:45 Departed transit country Asendia SCL Germany
Thu 08.02.2018 14:01 Arrival at border point in the destination country FRCDGA
best regards - yves soussi
(Posted on 09-02-18)
Great little pocket tank Review by Vatro
Got this flashlight together with Eneloop Pros, must admit I am amazed. The build quality is 1/1. It is a little bigger than standard 1AA flashlight, but it does give a lot of output. The tint of the light is a little yellowish, similar to my Nichia 219, but a lot more to the white side. The clip is tight, but not impossible to attach to the pocket.
The only thing to really respect when ordering this light is to take Eneloops. I contacted Zebralight, because I wanted to use Energizer lithium primaries in it, due to the fact that my flashlight usually stays in my bag for months before being used, and standard alkalines die. Zebralight stated that the output would not be sufficient, because Energizer has 2.5A continous output, and this light draws at least twice as much on max output. Thus Eneloops will have to do the trick. They are not so resistant to low temperatures, but will hold a charge for a long time.
If you're ordering this light from this site, take charger + 4 E Pros, and you're set to go. (Posted on 25-01-18)

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